How can we deal with the overpopulation problem?


Please spread the word about this little project. Talk to your friends and neighbors, and tell them following:

If they happen to have a female cat or female dog which is in heat or pregnant, ask them to PLEASE DON’T DUMP THE POOR THING OFF SOMEWHERE FAR AWAY FROM WHERE THEY LIVE, HOPING THAT SHE WILL NOT FIND HER WAY BACK HOME. If she is in heat, or just days after, we still can have her fixed. If she is pregnant, ask this person to please allow her have her babies in their place, and to contact us in order to help to take care of the puppies/kittens. Once they are ready to go, we will help to find new homes for them. We will also make sure that their female cat or dog gets spayed as soon as the babies are adopted. We will offer them a special low price for the surgery, and if they need more financial assistance, we will provide it for them. We will also offer the special low spay/neuter price for all babies.



Please help us to resolve the overpopulation problem in this humane way. Ask people you know to be a part of the solution, and not part of the problem.

If you would like more information about these projects, please contact Katja at

Thank you for your time and support

Katja Bader
McKee Jaco

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