Spaying / Neutering Continues

The most important part of our project has always been, and continues to be, spaying and neutering. As most of you are aware, McKee Jaco has been organizing special spay and neuter events for low income pet owner throughout the region for years. We’re very pleased to inform you that, from now on, we’ll no longer need to rely on kind people offering us their private homes to set up our “mobile clinic” in Jaco area. From now on, all animals in need of fixing can be brought to the Plaza Boulevard Clinic in Jaco . How does it work?

Contact us via or!/mckee.jaco if you wish to make an appointment and we’ll inform the clinic accordingly. We’ll confirm the fee, which will be based on your current financial situation, to you beforehand.

Thank you, Dr. Bernabé Berrocal from Plaza Boulevard Clinic, for being such an important part of our project and for making our lives much easier.

We’ll continue to provide our mobile spay and neuter service at reduced fees to residents in remote areas who have no way of transporting their pets or paying for a veterinarian visit. Our gratitude goes out to Dr. Jose Manuel Jimenez, who helps us with the clinics in different areas such as Esterillos, Bijagual and Tarcoles. As a result, we’ll be able to treat around 50 animals per month!

SPAYING AND NEUTERING IS THE ONLY PERMANENT, 100-PERCENT EFFECTIVE METHOD OF BIRTH CONTROL FOR DOGS AND CATS. THESE ROUTINE SURGERIES CAN PREVENT THOUSANDS OF UNWANTED ANIMALS FROM BEING BORN and the recovery time is only two to three days. Whether we own a pet or not, all of us are affected by animal overpopulation one way or another and we all carry the responsibility to do something about itWe need YOUR help to accomplish our goal and work toward ending animal overpopulation in our community. Please view our special section on to find out how you can chip in. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook: may be slow for many of you during the rainy season, but our furry friends are in as much need as ever!


DUKE – one of our own McKee “special needs” pets has passed. The terminal disease he suffered from finally took his life, but thanks to his generous sponsors we were able to make his last 18 months quite possibly the best ones of his life, and he probably even didn’t know just how sick he really was. Thank you to all for helping with both his treatments and the special k/d food as well as to DR. MARCO RODRIGUEZ fromLABORATORIO CLINICO JACO for helping us with Duke’s blood work, and to DRA. WENDY VILLALOBOS and DR. BERNABE BERROCAL for being there for Duke when he needed permanent care.

RIP Duke

But most of all to DORIS SCHULCKEBIER who took him in and made sure that these last 18 months of his life were the best he ever had. She not only gave him a home and care, she gave him both love and respect, suffering with him when he didn’t feel good and she never gave up on him, doing everything possible to make his life as long and as comfortable as possible – without her efforts, Duke would never have had a chance for happiness.


Not even a month after we lost our beloved Duke, another tragedy happened: we lost Buddy/Pinto, the famous dog from the Turtle Refuge in Hermosa. In August 2012, he became a McKee pet because of his miraculous ability to survive the terrible condition we found him in. He had many friends and sponsors, thanks to whom we were able to provide all his necessary treatments including the famous and expensive miracle medicine Legend. Legend made him not only walk again, but also run and play with his other dog friends. He spent the last year of his long life with Liana, who became not only his foster mum, but also, and first of all, his real, loving family. Buddy went with Liana almost everywhere–the mornings were spent on the beach wandering at his leisure and watching Liana surf, and the afternoons were spent ‘working’ at the library playing with kids and teaching them how to respect a senior dog. Buddy loved his new life with Liana, and he was the happiest dog one could have imagined. Nobody expected that his body would give up so suddenly. His passing was unexpected, and we all, but especially Liana, suffer from his unexpected passing and we all miss him terribly.

Buddy Collage RIP

Thank you Liana for giving him 13 months of a wonderful life, full of love, care, and respect. And thank you to all his sponsors for being so generous in providing funds for his special needs.


Loba was dying. Left alone in a corner of a garden, while a cold rain swept through our little neighborhood, and no one was there to help her. The man who claimed to be her owner left her all by herself on an empty property, knowing that she is sick and needs her treatment always on time. We gave him everything he needed for her, and made sure that he had all the local vet phone numbers in case of an emergency – he knew that he could bring her to the vet at any time and put it on our bill, yet apparently this just wasn’t enough to motivate him.

He left her all by herself, sick and weak, unable to walk, not even able to move her head.

RIP Loba

Thanks to a few people who saw her from the street and couldn’t just pass without helping her, she ended up at the clinic. Miraculously she survived, and fought for her life for 6 more days. We were all hoping for a miracle, but unfortunately Loba lost the fight. Thank you to Dr. Bernabé Berrocal for the medical care and to Madzia Kasprzyk for helping us with her bills. As for today we still need $94. If you would like to help us with this last bill, please let us know.

MANY THANKS to ALL OF YOU out there in the world that care!

Nadzyra Calonius & Katja Bader

Asociación Pro Bienestar Animal (McKee Jaco)

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