News from the project “I Brake for Animals”

We are still in the middle of the first stage of our new project “I brake for animals”, and the municipality has informed us that we will receive permission to put 12 signs on the roads in Jaco and Herradura. We are now waiting for this permission in its written form, in order to have the signs produced and installed. We also spoke with the administrator of Carara National Park, a place where almost every day we can see dead wild animals on the highway, and asked them for permission to put our signs on the edge of their property – it’s next to the highway, so they will be perfectly visible from the road, but no special permits from MOPT will be necessary.

Yo freno por los animales

The stickers for the cars are already a big hit. More and more people, not only from our area but also from other parts of Costa Rica, are asking for them. We hope that in the future, all  animal lovers will have one on their carIf you still haven’t received one, please order one now, and be a part of this project – SPREADING THIS MESSAGE WILL HELP TO REDUCE THE NUMBER OF INJURED OR KILLED ANIMALS ON OUR ROADS.

Taxi Driver Kit

Now we are starting the second stage of this great project, which is:INCLUDING THOSE WHO SPEND THE MOST TIME DRIVING ON THE ROADS: TAXI DRIVERS. We are offering those cab drivers who wish to be a part of the project a starter kit, with 2 free “I brake for animals T-Shirts” and 100 free business cards with the name of the driver, the number of the dispatch andof his vehicle, his cell number, and of course our slogan. Even though the taxis cannot have any stickers or other advertisements on or in it, just giving the passengers the card and wearing the T-Shirt will help to keep spreading the message. And we know that the drivers who participate, will also make sure to act according to the message they are representing. As a bonus, we are also starting a list of all “pet friendly” taxis which we will be recommending to both locals and tourists in all media.


And here, again, a huge thank you to both: the designer of these wonderful stickers, T-Shirts, signs and business cards – American artist CRYSTAL MCLAUGHLIN, and also to LINDA LOOK, who not only is sponsoring the project, but also helped create it together with us – Linda has always been there with ideas and advice.

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