How you can help us to reduce the number of animals injured and killed on our streets

Accidents happen, and animals get killed on the roads, and not only in Costa Rica. But there are more animals killed and injured in accidents in Costa Rica than in the States or in other European countries. This happens for three reasons: first, because there are many strays living on Costa Rican streets. Then, because in the rural areas, some people walk their dogs without a leash, and others just let them free, so they are roaming streets all by themselves with no human control. And then, because there are still so many drivers which don’t brake for them. Maybe it’s not as bad as 10 years ago when one could see motorists hitting animals on purpose, but we’ve calculated THAT 70% OF ALL ANIMAL ACCIDENTS COULD BE PREVENTED, IF ONLY THE DRIVERS WOULD USE THEIR BRAKES.

To change this, we are starting a new project “I BRAKE FOR ANIMALS”. Its first stage is the distribution of bumper stickers for cars, and placing street signs on the roads in our area. We are offering to all car owners a sticker to put on their car. Our goal is having the stickers on all cars in our county, so that the message gets out and is seen every day by everybody, both driversand pedestrians. We’ve also already submitted our request to the municipality for permission to put signs on the roads in Jaco and Herradura. As soon as we receive the permit, we will, for now, produce 12 signs and put them on 6 main streets.

The art for the stickers is donated to us by an American artist CRYSTAL MCLAUGHLIN from Myrtle Beach, and we are very grateful for this awesome design, which makes from these stickers little pieces of art, so attractive that everyone will want at least one of them.

This project is sponsored by our friend and supporter from the US, LINDA LOOK, who is also sponsoring our education program.

I brake for the animals!

Please order your stickers now, and help us to reduce the number of animals injured and killed on our streets!

The stickers are available in black and yellow, the price is 500 colones.

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