Education never stops!

McKee Jaco and Jaco Library is now bringing half-days of fun and educational activities to our local communities with even fewer resources available. Coming out to the community gives us an advantage of communication not only with the kids, but also with their brothers and sisters and often also moms, who also come and watch the activities. And of course this makes possible the participation of kids whose parents cannot bring them to the library or whatever place where the activity is offered. We come and set up a place for activities in the middle of the community, so all kids can come by themselves without depending on anybody.

Education never stops!

The following activities are implemented:

  • learn about animal rights
  • art projects for the school children (coloring, drawing, collage), all about animals and their rights
  • story time – the nicest animal stories we were able to find

The program is held twice a week, from 9.00 am through 12.00 noon during the months of January and February. We hope to reach as many children and their families in our community as possible.This event is made possible by a generous donation from the BARTHOLOMEW FAMILY of the United States. THANK YOU!

Education program Jan 2013

In February, after the local schools organize their programs, we want to start working at the Escuela Central in Jaco on a daily basis.

This great (and expensive) project will be possible thanks to the generous support of LINDA LOOK from the USA – the same person who years ago sponsored the start of our education program, and has been helping to keep it alive ever since. THANK YOU LINDA, FOR MAKING IT POSSIBLE TO CONTINUE THIS GREAT AND SO VERY IMPORTANT PART OF OUR PROJECT. 

This year we would like to include in this great program another big school from our area – the Herradura school. We will be starting an education fund for this school – more information will be sent in a separate message in the next few days.


We started our spay/neuter program immediately after the New Year’s festivities with a little spay day in Esterillos Oeste and then one here in Jaco on the very next day.

To date (January 12) we’ve been able to spay/neuter 23 animals, all strays or from low income families. We will be continuing with these “small clinics” weekly, or every other week, depends of the demand.

Thank you to Dr. Jose Manuel Jimenez for performing the surgeries for us, and to all the volunteers who assisted him: Elisabeth LubbersDoris Schluckebier, Silvina Goren and Leo Hogan.

Our goal for the year 2013 is to average 70 spayed/neutered animals per month – but this depends of course of the funds available and of the volunteers willing to help in organizing and then assisting at the clinics.


It’s time for our next fundraiser party. We are looking forVOLUNTEERS WITH ENOUGH TIME TO ORGANIZE THIS EVENT. If you could help, please contact me at 2-643-4012 or send me an email at

Volunteers needed


And like always, our huge Thank You goes out again to the sponsors of all three programs in this month of January – Linda Look, Stuart Welch, Leo Plumley, Hotel Mar de Luz, Wishbone Restaurant, Paola Alvarado and Hotel Los Ranchos, for their regular monthly support, as well as to: Arleen & Gregory Wootten, Henry & Eugenia, Ana Pana, Pets y mas, Elena Sanahuja, Tina Wallace, Lee Wilson, Toni Sestak,  Judy Witt, Judith Maria, Kristin Vince Singletary, Mima Lobo, Rossy Quesada – Café del Mar, Nicole Gamboa, Vivian Wolf, Petra Mi, Annemarie, June Beard, Cindy & Drago, Brenda Obando, Yamileth Gutierrez for your support this month.

Thank you for your time and support.

Katja Bader,
McKee Jaco

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