happy & fixed

We started our SPAY/NEUTER PROGRAM immediately after the New Year’s festivities with our “little spay days” working with 4 vets in our area. Never before we had so many clinics supporting us and offering low cost castrations to the stray animals and to pets belonging to low income families. Thanks to these wonderful professionals the number of spayed / neutered animals almost doubled in the last months and reached an average of 90 PER MONTH!

Huge THANK YOU to Dr. Bernabé Berrocal at the Clinic Plaza Boulevard, Dr. Yeimi Nunez Herrera at JACO PETS in Quebrada Ganado,  Dr. Wendy Villalobos at her clinic in Jaco, and Dr. Jose Manuel Jimenez at JACO PETS in Jaco for making it possible. Also other vets in our area are helping those, who cannot afford regular prices, it looks like we are the luckiest county in Costa Rica!

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