How to stop the indifference epidemic?

One of the more common diseases seen on this planet, goes by the name “INDIFFERENCE”. In some parts of the world this illness has become an epidemic, and is extremely difficult to fight. Here in Costa Rica it’s really not much different, as the disease is spreading fast, and there is no vaccine to stop it once and for all. Years ago we decided to start an awareness campaign using the motto: “INDIFFERENCE KILLS – TAKING ACTION SAVES LIVES” with the objective of stopping this epidemic, and to fight its most common manifestation: “There’s nothing I can do about it”, and to stop the apathy and the “As long as it doesn’t concern me” syndrome.

Did we change anything with this campaign?  – I don’t know. I want to believe we did, but I am not so sure. It’s not like having a vaccine which will stop the epidemic and prevent it’s return. It’s trying to change something so deeply rooted in our daily lives that a few pictures and slogans aren’t going to change it overnight, so let’s just continue our “baby steps” and hope that one day we will see a change for the better, where we show that we can change the things that stop us from realizing our true potential.

INDIFFERENCE KILLS – don’t be apathetic, don’t feel sorry – ACT!


Education never stops - la educación nunca se detiene

Like we’ve done during the last few years, this year we again continue bringing days of fun and educational activities to our local communities, with even fewer available resources. Reaching out to the community gives us the advantage of communication, not only with the kids, but with their brothers and sisters and often even the moms, who also enjoy coming out and watching the activities. Thank you to all of you that helped to sponsor this project, and to Angela Mariafrom MireVea Art School for the wonderful job she does.


Almost 2 years ago Lucky “adopted” Mari. She followed her all the way from the beach to work, waited there patiently for 8 hours and then followed her home. There was no way Lucky would leave, so Mari and her boyfriend Paco offered to be the foster home for her. Unfortunately, Lucky had a chronic kidney insufficiency caused by a case of ehrlichiosis that was never properly treated. She was dearly loved, and even though her life wasn’t long, it sure was a very happy one. All this was possible only with the special (and very expensive) care she was receiving, thanks to many very generous sponsors.


Thank you to all for helping with both her treatments and the special k/d food, as well as to Dr. Marco Rodriguez fromLaboratorio Clínico Jaco for helping us with Lucky’s blood work. Also thanks to Veterinaria Dra Wendy Villalobos for always being there for Lucky when she needed her treatments. And thanks also to Maribel Guerra and Paco who gave her a home, and made sure that the last 19 months of her life were full of love and fun. We knew from the very beginning that Lucky’s life wouldn’t be a long one, but thanks to all the wonderful people involved in her rescue and care, her life was certainly a very happy one.


We spent one entire day in Tarcoles, offering general checkups, vaccines, de-worming and de-lousing, as well as various other treatments. First, we attended to the stray animals at Patricia Holmer’s place, and then to the low-income members of the community, providing yet another example of how this community has changed in the last few years. The pet owners were very interested in learning more about proper animal care, asking how to prevent the most common diseases and how to treat their pets if they get sick. It turned out to be not just a clinic, but an educational event as well.

Tarcoles 02-14

We were able to organize this wellness clinic thanks to a fabulous vet team from the States: Dr. Robin Stronk and Dr. Richard Righterwith his wife Shirley – the same team of professionals who for the last 3 years have been donating their services to us for the entire day of their vacation.

Over 50 animals were attended to during this clinic. 80% of them were rescued strays, with the rest belonging to extremely poor families. Thank you to Robin, Richard and Shirley for dedicating their time and skills to the poor community of Tarcoles. Our guests also brought all kinds of meds and supplies – antibiotics, eye/ear treatments, de-worming pills, as well as flea and ticks treatments, a part of which was used during this clinic in Tarcoles. The rest was later distributed between two no-profit organizations in Costa Rica.

Another big thank you goes also to Mary Kathryn Edwards, a sales representative for Merial in the U.S. who donated to this project Heartgard and Certifect, two products always needed here, and to Jennifer Beetle (also from the U.S.) for a large donation of Multi Advantage.


We have been continuing our spay/neuter program with our “little spay days” at the Plaza Boulevard Clinic, so far spaying / neutering 85 animals.

Thank you to Dr. Bernabé Berrocal for performing the surgeries for us, and to the Team at the Clinic Plaza Boulevard for making it possible.  And also a big thank you to all of you who sponsored all these surgeries, as without your financial help this would never be possible.  

Thank you for your time and support.

Katja Bader
Asociacion Pro Bienestar Animal (McKee Jaco)

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