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During the 10 years that we have been active in this area, our organization has rescued many animals, and some of them end up with seemingly little chance to ever find a home, as they have needs and/or conditions that make it difficult to properly care for them – too old, too sick or just plain too afraid of people. At this time we have 4 animals that we refer to as very “cost intensive” dogs, who thanks to our efforts pretty much recuperated from the disease they were rescued with, but they still need lifelong special care, which includes special diet, meds, lab costs etc.



Do you remember Duke, the abandoned dog with terminal kidney disease? Here he is, 12 months later, living a very happy life with Doris and Dieter. His disease can be perfectly controlled with a special diet, regular i/v treatments and meds. Duke needs sponsors for his happy, but unfortunately expensive life.The monthly costs of his maintenance are: $67.00 for k/d food, $24.00 for i/v treatments, $24.00  lab costs, $30.00 treatment with a hormone erythropoietin (which is expensive and available only in the human hospital Cima), $15.00 other meds (Omeprazol, Ulcogant, Vitamins). All together we need $157.00 every month for Duke. Please help us maintain this great dog – look at his new pictures, doesn’t he look happy?


This beautiful and furry little lady named Lucky “adopted” Mari from the shop Matis. She followed her all the way from the beach to work, waited there for 8 hours and then followed her home. There was no way Lucky would leave, so Mari offered to be the foster home for her. Unfortunately Lucky has a chronic kidney insufficiency caused by a case of ehrlichiosis that was not properly treated. She has a good quality and happy life, made possible only by the special and very expensive care she receives every month. Her monthly maintenance costs: $50.00 for k/d food, $24.00 for i/v treatments, $24.00 lab costs and $30.00 for treatment with the hormone erythropoietin. So far she doesn’t need any additional meds, which is very unusual. Mari and Paco decided to keep her together with their own dog Zaguate, and she is dearly loved, and even though her life won’t be long it will be very happy. The monthly cost for Lucky is $128.00


CHINO was Jerry Hallstrom’s  (Bubba’s) dog. When Bubba passed away in November 2010, Chino, together with all Bubba’s pets, were adopted. But his life with his new family was short, and a few months later we found him abandoned, wandering on the streets all by himself, emaciated and with a terrible eye infection, so we took him in. Chino is old and has permanent eye problems, and needs a special eye cream for the rest of his life, and this is very expensive. Now, after he suffered from bladder stones, he also needs a special, very expensive diet. Besides this 2 health problems Chino is a very happy guy, and lives with Karin and Adrian Muri from the Big Bamboo restaurant. They gave this guy not just a foster home for life, but also a lot of love and attention. I meet Chino every day on the beach during his daily long walk – he loves the beach and he enjoys the walks. He is one happy guy who deserves to spend the last years of his life in the comfort which only his diet and medication can provide. His monthly maintenance is: $50.00 for s/d food, $22.00 for the lab costs and $44.00 for Cyclosporina eye cream, which comes to a total of $116.00


I am sure you all remember BUDDY, the dog from the Turtle Farm who miraculously survived despite the horribly neglected condition we found him in. He works at the library now, and as he loves to always have people around, he also represents both McKee and the library at all the events we attend together. He lives with Liana, who not only is his foster home,  she is his family and he follows her around like a shadow. Buddy, because of his age and because of the car accident he had 2 years ago at the refuge, has problems walking. These problems are controlled with oral meds, but lately it’s not enough, and Buddy now needs the famous (and expensive) miracle medicine called Legend. It works quite well, and he can walk again pain – free and even can play with his brother Charlie. We were never able to take him off the special food, as his kidneys are chronically compromised due to the extremely dehydrated condition that we found him in at the refuge. His monthly expenses are: $50.00 for k/d, $16.00 for vitamins, $20.00 for ArtriTabs, $16.00 for Hympirin, $40.00 for Legend (treatments of 3 injections every 3 months costs $120.00) $24.00 lab costs, which adds up to a monthly tab of $166.00

If you would like to help one of these great guys, please let us know. So far we received help specifically for these animals from: PikoTravel – Herradura, Dennis Ward – Herradura, Nancy Fernandez Fedullo – Jaco. Thank you!

Sponsors needed!

Katja Bader
Asociación Pro Bienestar Animal (McKee Jaco)

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