There are four ways you can help us accomplish our mission. Please click on the links below for details:

Virtual Adoption (Internet Adoption)

If you are unable to have a pet at home, you can make a Virtual Adoption, enabling us to take care of animals that:

  • cannot get adopted as they are too old, too sick, or are afraid of people
  • are adoptable, but haven’t been placed yet

The best candidates for a Virtual Adoption are all animals that have little or no chance to find a new home, as they are too old or too afraid of people. But you  can also choose any other animal, and be its “Foster Parent” until it gets adopted.

These are the monthly costs of maintaining a:

small dog or a cat $14.00/month
medium size dog $18.00/month
large dog $22.00/month

If and when the animal you choose gets adopted, we will immediately inform you so you may choose another one, if you wish.

You can send us a monthly donation in many different ways. All you need to do is contact us, and we will be happy to help you choose the easiest method for you to make your much-appreciated donation.