Here a few stories — with and without happy ending — about our “clients”. Please click on the links below for details:

Left: Sally as originally found. Right: Sally three months later.

Sally was found in Quebrada de Ganado. She was starving, had anaemia, serious skin problems (allergy and mange), deep wounds on her back, broken jaw, warts in her mouth, and her teeth were all but completely destroyed. She was practically blind — one eye was outside its orbit, another one hidden inside her horribly swollen face.

She couldn’t walk, and on top of all this was diagnosed positive with ehrlichia. Thanks to the patience of our friends — Doris and Dieter — Sally recuperated perfectly, after not moving or eating for 7 days.  Today Sally is a beautiful ginger-colored dog of about 1-½ years, and even we cannot believe that she recuperated not only her health, but also the confidence in us humans. We can proudly say that she is one of the most loyal dogs we ever had the possibility to help.

Sally was scheduled to be kept in our McKee family, as her health is still not very stable and she gets sick easily. But one of our neighbours, an Italian gentleman named Mario, fell in love with her and adopted her, knowing that she may need veterinary services more often.

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