There are four ways you can help us accomplish our mission. Please click on the links below for details:

Money Donation

Your donation will help us to finance our low/no-cost spay and neuter program, our low/no-cost treatment of the animals that need help, and the food for recuperating animals until the day they can get adopted. We can provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for your taxes in the USA.

Please send your check in the name of
Asociación Pro Bienestar Animal
, to:

    Katja Bader
    Apartado 66 – 4023
    Playa Jacó, Garabito
    Costa Rica - Central America

You also can make a deposit on our account in Costa Rica.
Name of the account:

    Asociacion Pro Bienestar Animal
    Account #: 200-02-131-003954-5 (in dollars)
    Account #: 100-01-131-003400-1 (in colones)
    At Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
    ABA: 019462

We can provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for your taxes in the USA. In this case please write your check to the McKee Project and send your donation to the McKee representative in the United States; here is the information:

The McKee Project's USA address is:

    The McKee Project
    301 West Spring Valley Place
    Tucson, Arizona 85704-6755
    For McKee Jacó


The McKee Project is a non-profit corporation, corporate file number 0876175-8,  incorporated under the laws of Arizona, in June 1999.

According to Arizona laws, The McKee Project's Articles of Incorporation were properly published in June (9, 16, 23) 1999. And the McKee Project was granted its US Internal Revenue Service non profit 501c3 status on October 19, 1999.

US Treasury Department, IRS identification number
EIN#86-0954168 and DLN#17053172024019.