Here a few stories — with and without happy ending — about our “clients”. Please click on the links below for details:

Left: Lea when found in Herradura. Right: Lea three months later.

Lea was found near the gas station in Herradura. Her entire body was consumed by mange, and her eyes were saying to us that she was about to give up. She could barely move with her swollen limbs, and had a broken paw as well. But she still could move fast enough to prevent us from coming closer than 3 meters. Catching her was a scary moment, as she kept trying to run into the highway (Costanera) where the cars drive fast, and most of them don’t stop for animals. As the people here are afraid of sick animals (they just shoo them away and throw rocks at them), it took us 2 days just to be able to catch her and bring her to the vet. Besides her very bad skin condition and the broken leg, she also had a serious ear infection and was anaemic.

She was very shy, and it took ages to be able to get close without her running away. Her foster family — Doris and Dieter — gave this poor animal so much love and attention, that after about 3 days we could see the will to live returning to her eyes. Along with her health came the confidence in us humans. After about 5 weeks we could see that she was a beautiful Labrador mix with a beautiful shiny black coat. She found a great home at the farm of our German friends where she lives happily with her new family and other dog and cat friends.

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