Here a few stories — with and without happy ending — about our “clients”. Please click on the links below for details:

Left: Jason as originally found. Right: Jason three months later.

What surprised us the most when we saw Jason the first time was not so much the fact that he didn’t have any fur, but that his naked body was covered by flies. He was so skinny and weak that he was barely able to walk.

After we took him to the vet and found out what was wrong with him, he was brought to Doris and Dieter, as the two of them dedicate their lives to take care of the patients in the worst shape. Besides mange (which caused his terrible skin condition), he had major problems with his teeth, and not surprisingly had ehrlichia — a disease found in over 80% of all dogs here. The disease is transmitted by ticks, and the affected animals die if they don’t get their 3 week long doxicicline treatment on time. Jason was also starving, and as you can imagine, was just tired of being kicked out of everywhere he went — the first two days he just slept, not bothering to eat or even get up.

Doris (who loves big animals), gave him all her love, which brought back Jason’s will to live. His look changed as he started eating and moving. We were very curious about the colour of his fur (as we could only guess with such severe mange), and it turned out to be whitish-blonde, making him very handsome indeed. Jason is an older dog (about 7 years old), and today is one of the happiest members of our McKee Family. He turned out to be a bit old for adoption, and from time to time he has problems with his hip, but he loves Doris and his other dog brothers and sisters and he will stay with us to the end of his life.

Jason can get adopted virtually. For more information go to:
virtual adoptions.

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